We are fortunate enough to be joined by two talented film makers from Teh Royal College University of Fine Arts Stockholm. Vygandas Simbelis & Linus Nordensson.  They will be documenting the entire ICE hotel process.  This will form the first PILOT episode for an exciting new television series:

Exteme-Design: all conditions

Photographer and filmmaker Vygandas Simbelis is involved in creating a
documentary for Ice Hotel and Extreme-Design where designers Ben Rousseau and Ian
Douglas-Jones designed have created the ‘Legacy of the River’ suite.
His creative experience covers media art, video art and photography.  After
graduating Kaunas Art College, Vilnius Academy of Arts and Royal Danish
Academy of Fine Arts, he has achieved Licentiate of Arts (third cycle,
postgraduate research) degree in photography and media arts. Now he is
developing interactive digital media art project at Royal Institute of
Arts in Stockholm, Sweden. Vygandas works have been exhibited in
exhibitions and film festivals worldwide, Intro Art Centre, Vilnius; Cairo
Video Festival, Egypt; Clubtransmediale, Berlin; Piksel festival, Bergen;
to mention last few.

Linus Nordensson Spångberg is a young and upcoming artist currently doing a bachelor in fine art at the Royal Academy of Arts Stockholm. Linus is currently working with Video, Video Installations and photography.

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