* I-N-D-J

i-n-d-j architecture + design was founded in 2009 by Ian Douglas-Jones.  Ian is a young British Architectural designer, he graduated with First class honours and was nominated for the Royal Institute of British Architects Presidents Bronze medal by The Birmingham School of Architecture in 2006. In 2009 Ian graduated as a Master of Architecture from the Royal College of Art London. Graduating with a distinction for both thesis and  dissertation he was subsequently nominated for the Royal Institute of British Architects Presidents Silver medal. He also won the Conran Foundation Award that year and the New London Architecture Prize as well as securing a Solo exhibition at London’s Building Centre. In 2009 Ian founded i-n-d-j architecture & design and has been involved with a broad range of projects; from commissions by the London Design festival to an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum and lead project of the Melbourne design festival. He has been internationally published and has practised globally from the United kingdom and Europe to New Zealand and Australia with work spanning all corners of the globe.  More recently Ian has been working with in practice in Melbourne Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.  He currently works as a lead designer for internationally acclaimed practice Broadway Malyan,  based from the Shanghai studio.

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