ROUSSEAU Design Ltd is an innovative studio specialising in Illuminated furniture, set design and promotional product design items. Rousseau Design is an innovative London-based studio offering imaginative design solutions and a wide range of expertise in specialist manufacture in threedimensional design.The company launched with a range of signature  lighting-based furniture which soon led to the creation of a broad portfolio that includes bespoke products, customised vehicles and complete environments, for both private and commercial clients. A wide range of experience has been gained from working closely with global brands and leading agencies and recent projects include rooms at the Ice Hotel, Sweden, restaurants in London, retail units nationwide and a 40 ft mobile  home currently touring the European part of the world superbike circuit. A background in many disciplines such as automobile engineering, film special effects and event production can be seen through the sense of drama and theatre, often present in our designs. We take great pride in our attention to detail and understanding of new technologies and materials. A highly diverse and very talented group of technicians and engineers are at our disposal to offer a vast wealth of expertise

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