Recommended Web Services For Your Company Website:


Choosing the right web service, whether it’s email sign-up forms, landing pages, or web hosting, can make a huge difference in user experience for your customers. Over the years we’ve tried nearly every major web service out there to discern what is actually helpful for customers, and what is an over-promised cash-grab.

Here are Extreme Design’s official recommendations for assorted web services:

Web Hosting

There is so much misinformation out there. Hosting companies pay affiliates hundreds of dollars per signup, and as a result nearly every website has biased recommendations. We started out with GoDaddy, but after some bad experiences we have tried setting up websites on dozens of different hosts. Which one worked out best for us?

  1. Digitalocean – This is the future of hosting. We use Digitalocean when we are creating apps. The droplet-system is new and unusual, but makes for a great way for users to only pay for what bandwidth and storage they use.
  2. A Small Orange – We became an authorized reseller for ASO (not an affiliate, but a reseller) after trying out dozens of hosting companies. When you opt to host with us, you are using ASO’s servers. They have both shared and VPS plans, and their cloud hosting means your website will operate faster and be able to handle big traffic surges easier. And just to show how much we aren’t going to profit at all from recommending A Small Orange, here’s a link to a coupon site where you can save money off their hosting plans. Not only are we not making money off of them, we’re costing them money!
  3. Namecheap – Our runner-up option is Namecheap. They are primarily a domain registrar, but when we tried hosting with them our sites were zippy and experienced minimal downtime. We eventually outgrew them, but we definitely recommend them for a smaller company site.
  1. Email Management:


Collecting email addresses is absolutely crucial to building up a customer base. Study after study suggests that email addresses are exponentially more effective at reaching your audience than all the social media accounts combined.
That being said, here are our recommended programs for collecting and managing your email subscriber list:

  1. AweberAweber gives you lots of options for managing your lists. During promotions you can also filter out people who have already bought your product from ‘follow-up emails’, which makes sure you don’t annoy your most loyal customers. There are thousands of 3rd-party designs for sign=up forms as well.
  2. Mailchimp When you’re first starting out, Mailchimp has all the tools you need to run a successful email subscription list. When you want the more premium features, then you might want to consider upgrading to Aweber.

eCommerce Solutions:

So many things can affect whether a customer successfully completes a purchase of your product, or abandons it in the shopping cart. Having a professional software solution can make a difference between a 10% conversion rate and an 80% conversion rate.

  • BigCommerce – This shopping cart solution has all the features you need: payment gateway, free merchant account included, SSL certificate, and more. It also has its own app store with thousands of apps that help your store integrate with services like Square, Quickbooks, and more.
  • Shopify – Tim Ferriss’ eCommerce solution company has been gaining steam lately, but the software itself is a bit buggy and slow.