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Custom Website Design For The Brave.

Carefully crafted, easily-usable award-winning web development and design.

Here at Extreme Design we deliver highly-professional, custom web development combined with truly award winning design. We use time-honoured principles of web design and give it a bold and striking edge that grabs your website visitors. Our websites successfully deliver a pristine, simple and enjoyable user experience.
Our expertise in programming is kept in-house.

We are committed to creating outstanding website using a company-ingrained 7-step methodology to deliver a ‘wow’ experience to both you and your end-user. This methodology ensures that you not only get what you want, you get what you didn’t realize you wanted all along. That’s what true expertise does.

Our Web Design firm specializes in:

  • eCommerce Sites – We provide eCommerce solutions to
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Websites Launched This Year.

2015 Was a Huge Year:

In addition to us moving into our new offices in Pensacola, Florida, we also doubled the number of high quality websites that we (proudly) created this year. 2015 is going to be a special year for us.

CouponGo was a reclamation project for its company’s owners. The original site had been attacked and the owners wanted to take the opportunity to start completely anew. The website used to be a travel deals website, but is not an active lifestyle coupon site focused on so much more than just travel. Here’s the new look:



The site is clean, responsive, and features lots of interactive widgets beyond the usual coupon site normality. We were proud to have them as part …

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All The WordPress Tips We Know.

The World’s Most Popular CMS is Still a Mystery To Most.

While it’s true that WordPress is a free, open-source application that enables regular people to create websites on their own, what most people don’t know is that it still quite difficult for the average person to use.
That being said, it’s an incredibly popular interface that will give you a website that you can proudly call your own within minutes. The only problem? Everyone tries to make money off of you.

That’s where we can help. These are the common pitfalls of the first-time WordPress user. Utilize these tips and you’ll be halfway home.

Tip 1: Stay away from WordPress Hosting

Many hosting companies are offering ‘WordPress hosting’ and charging about 75% more for …

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Recommended Web Services For Your Company Website:


Choosing the right web service, whether it’s email sign-up forms, landing pages, or web hosting, can make a huge difference in user experience for your customers. Over the years we’ve tried nearly every major web service out there to discern what is actually helpful for customers, and what is an over-promised cash-grab.

Here are Extreme Design’s official recommendations for assorted web services:

Web Hosting

There is so much misinformation out there. Hosting companies pay affiliates hundreds of dollars per signup, and as a result nearly every website has biased recommendations. We started out with GoDaddy, but after some bad experiences we have tried setting up websites on dozens of different hosts. Which one worked out best for …

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